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Our DIY style kits are simplified templates. Being that they are designed to be easy to install by anyone, even without prior experience, they do finish 3-5mm from any edges and obstructions and only cover the main impact areas on the sides of the vehicle. They are designed to be quick, easy to install, remove and replace.

Not feeling up to the challenge? Our recommended installers can install DIY kits too!

BushWrapz PRO needs to be installed by a professional installer due to the templates being slightly different. Being that BushWrapz PRO is a 10 year warranty film and ultimately going to be on your vehicle for 10+ years, these templates have been created to ensure a very custom and seamless look where possible. This requires bulking and trimming, therefore, not something we would recommend DIY-ing.

BushWrapz PRO can be customised to suit and fit any vehicle and surface and is not limited to just the sides.

Due to the complexity and customisation of these templates, the installation time drastically varies. Contact your nearest installer for more information on this.

If you would like a quote on BushWrapz PRO, you will need to contact your nearest BushWrapz Certified installer for a quote.


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